What is an offshore brokerage account?

Investing in Offshore Jurisdictions: Offshore Brokerage Accounts

You still do not have a foreign company, an offshore bank account, a spare tax residence in a country with territorial taxation, a residence permit in Europe or second citizenship? You do not store stocks in physical precious metals abroad? You do not even think about having at least a personal foreign bank account? Congratulations! You are totally and totally dependent on the government of your country. If it decides not to renew your passport until you pay all taxes and alimony (as they do in the US), you will not be able to leave the country. You will still have long queues for visas and deny yourself spontaneous and cheap air travel.

But if you already have an offshore, you should not shake your laurels either! Never and especially now, in the light of deoffshorization, the withering away of old offshore jurisdictions and the birth of new ones. Remember that offshore structures can help you both protect your assets and build a new healthy online business offshore and from scratch. And such a startup will be protected from raiding literally by right of birth. Especially if the business owner and the profits from it will be a tax-free residence and a second passport. But let’s get everything in order. If you have or already have an offshore company (you have decided to register it!), Try to honestly answer the following 7 questions that will bring happiness to your offshore business:

  1. Have you opened an offshore for an online business or investing abroad? Do you want to open an offshore merchant account? Or maybe an offshore brokerage account? If at least one answer to these questions is “YES!”, Then you EXACTLY need to think about personal online consultation by one of our professionals at OffShoreCitizen.
  2. Do you really have an offshore with not expired and paid duties? Are you sure of his privacy? Are you sure that it is best structured? Are you sure that you really control your offshore and your nominal values? Do you know who will get your offshore and the contents of your foreign bank account, if you can no longer manage it?
  3. Are you sure that you are not entangled in your offshore and you clearly know what structure is what is designed for?
  4. Are you sure that your offshore solution allows you to simultaneously distance yourself from your assets and at the same time maintain the necessary degree of control over your assets?
  5. Do you want to get a state project, but they ask you to disclose the beneficiary?
  6. Do you want to open an offshore bank account in some of the strongest and most stable jurisdictions and banks? Do you want “privacy” and bank secrecy?
  7. You do not understand how to provide a foreign bank with evidence of the legal origin of funds? You tried to open an offshore account, but could not collect a package of documents? Are you stuck on not being able to solicit a bank recommendation from a banker in your own country?
  8. Do you want to reinvest capital in Russia as a foreign company and have reliable protection against raiding as a foreign investor? You want to invest in projects in Russia and the CIS countries anonymously, and even through a respectable foreign legal entity. face?
  9. Are you sure that your current schemes for registering offshore companies and organizing ownership of your foreign companies cannot be challenged? Are you sure that you own your foreign legal entities according to the letter of the law of the Russian Federation and will not be able to take them, sue and confiscate the state?
  10. Do you want to get a loan from the European Bank or financing from foreign investors, but what makes it too alarming is not a transparent shell over your foreign business?
  11. Do you want to issue a residence permit or permanent residence in Europe but are afraid of tax consequences? Or maybe you plan to become a resident of a country with territorial taxation in order to conduct international online business and not worry about taxing personal income? Maybe you want to protect not only your assets but also your family members and are ready to learn about legal ways of obtaining a second citizenship and passport (not to be confused with permanent residence and residence permit …)?


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