It has been said for a long time that there are two certain things in life: death and taxes. Poles, however, usually do not like changes, and those in tax law are taking place not only at the beginning of the new year, but also during.

The government’s goals included: tax sealing, the fight against so-called VAT fraud. What changes in taxes await us in 2019?

Changes in taxes 2019 and 2018 – tax-free amount

The subject of the tax-free amount for years raises considerable emotions. In 2017, it amounted to PLN 6.6 thousand. In 2018, it increased to PLN 8,000. Currently, it remains unchanged and is also valid in 2019. The amendment to the PIT regulations will please those who cannot boast of a high salary. Last year’s increase in the amount is primarily a nod towards those who work on the basis of civil law contracts, i.e. commission or work, pensioners with low benefits. Only those who earn little can count on such a relief, because the tax-free amount decreases in direct proportion to the increase in income.

It is worth mentioning that the accounting rules for spouses or a single parent are also changed. Currently, we have the right to joint settlement as a parent raising a child alone or to opt out of these solutions both in the case of timely submission of the declaration by April 30, 2019, and corrections.

If our annual income does not exceed PLN 85,528, we are required to pay tax equal to 18% of this amount. Those who earn more, in addition to the standard tax, will also be required to pay an additional fee of 32% on the difference between PLN 85,528 and actual income. This means that people who earn between PLN 13,000 and 85,528 still have an amount of PLN 3,091. In the range 85,529 – 127,000 PLN the amount will decrease to the amount of earnings from 3091 to 0 PLN. A taxpayer receiving over PLN 127,000 will not be able to take advantage of the tax-free amount. Therefore, the change in regulations applies only to the range of 8001 – 13,000 PLN. In 2017, it was PLN 6,601 – 11,000. The tax credit is PLN 1,440 instead of the previous PLN 1,088. It is also worth mentioning that people with an income over PLN 1 million will be required to pay 4% tax on the surplus.

Changes in taxes 2019 – PIT declarations

From February 15, 2019, a website will be launched to settle tax returns online. Thanks to it, every employee will be able to access all necessary data on the network and thus complete all formalities. “Your e-PIT” will be made available to employees receiving income from employment contracts and profits from securities. If you are required to use the PIT-37 or PIT-38 form, you can use the new tax settlement system.

To access your account, use one of two ways to log in. The first is to enter your tax data. This means that you will be asked to enter your PESEL or NIP number, date of birth, indication of the income declared in the PIT for 2017 and the income achieved in 2018. The second option to access the data is to log in using a trusted profile.

Waiting time for tax refund

Along with the introduction of the new accounting system “Your e-PIT”, there were also changes in the dates of repayment of overpaid funds. If, after making the e-declaration website available for use, we decide to complete the formalities in this way, the waiting time for the tax refund will be 45 days.

In turn, when deciding to submit the form in a different way, we must be aware that the procedure will take a while. In such situations, we can wait up to 3 months for money. These deadlines should be taken into account from the actual date of submission of the declaration.


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