Smart company vs. Traditional company – Offshore

In this era in which everything is designed with intelligent technologies, it was about time that someone conceived a new solution to raise the status of »intelligent» to a higher level. We are referring to our Smart Company.

We are a team totally focused on offering adequate solutions for our clients, allowing the disruption in those sectors resistant to innovation, in which barriers are set to inhibit progress, in this case, referred to as the constitution of a new company.

The process of creating a company is a bit tedious

There can be many ways to deal with multiple stakeholders of different natures, in addition to that generally, the procedure is long and slow. In countries such as Italy, the formation of a commercial entity may take up to 30 days, while in business-friendly countries, such as Singapore, or in offshore jurisdictions, this may be possible in a matter of a few weeks, counted from the beginning of the process until its completion.

The intervention of a model like this does not require any crazy technology but requires only a better workflow. We can not only offer you added value in that aspect, but also in everything that develops once your company is incorporated.

After having established a company in the traditional way

He will surely remain locked in the same environment as the old school that led him there. This means that each time you want to develop any activity you must complete modules, send emails, see waiting days and, of course, pay a lot of money. The incorporation agents obtain the majority of their income thanks to these non-core actions, but which, under the traditional scheme, you will frequently need in the course of a year.

For example: suppose that after two months of his incorporation he manages to convince his mother to give him a small capital that allows him to finance his idea. She sends you the funds and, in response, you want to send her the corresponding actions. In order to do this, you must sign some forms, wait for the agent to conduct a customer awareness process (KYC), even your mother, and then pay a fee for the transaction of approximately 300 USD.

It is not necessary to reason too much to understand that this model is quite expensive and inefficient and that there should be a better way to carry it out, that is why we have created the Smart Company. An intelligent company is a hybrid between a traditional company and a control panel without a legal nature, fully automated. So, why is it better? Because it allows people to gain control of their company without having to spend a fortune each time they wish to make a change.


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