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A leader in an international business located in the heart of Asia. The constitution of companies in Hong Kong is an excellent option for those who have commercial relations with China.

For all entrepreneurs around the world, Hong Kong is usually one of its preferred jurisdictions, having an excellent business platform, stable policy, and economy and a reliable legal system. Also with a perfect location since it is located only 4 hours from the most famous regional markets of Asia.

Hong Kong has been chosen as the “most liberal economy in the world” for 19 consecutive years. It has free circulation of capital and products, without restrictions for investments by foreign companies and without foreign exchange restrictions.

Life in Hong Kong

Although the establishment of companies in Hong Kong is very cheap, you should know and consider that life there is very expensive, offering a very good quality of life and many benefits. The government of Hong Kong invests large sums for the development of its infrastructure, for example, nowadays there are a lot of points for Wifi connection, approximately more than 7,900 used for public libraries, large parks, cultural and entertainment centers, etc.

Social Life

You can form a new one here with all your family since in Hong Kong you will find Social Clubs, Associations, Private Clubs, interest groups, etc. In addition to living in an international business environment with a cosmopolitan spirit.


Your crime rate is among the lowest in the world


By having a company in Hong Kong you are free to enjoy and make use of air and land transport that have advanced technology. The Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest each year, with 50 million passengers traveling to different destinations and direct flights to 150 parts of the world without forgetting its excellent infrastructure.

Import and Export: Hong Kong is a free port, that is, most products can be imported and exported, free of any duty or tax (except alcohol, tobacco, and fuel). For tobacco, hydrocarbon oil and methyl alcohol, duties are paid at specific rates per unit of quantity. For liquors, the tax is evaluated at different percentages of its values ​​based on three different categories defined in general terms according to the alcohol content.

Constitution of companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong occupies 4th place in the competition with everyone in terms of ease of registration, so in addition to being a good and wise decision for the diversification of your business, it is economical and without any complications.

The government of Hong Kong is very flexible for business, foreigners can install, own and manage their businesses. There are no restrictions on transfers of capital and profits.

In addition to having an excellent legal system and low taxes, offering many structure options, due to double tax treaties with recognized countries

Benefits of setting up companies in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong is not considered a tax haven.
  • There are no taxes on dividends and interest income of foreign subsidiaries.
  • There is no sales tax on a foreign subsidiary.
  • They are accepted (nominee or trust) for company directors
  • The secret of the owner / final beneficiary of the company in Hong Kong (if nominees are used)
  • There are no taxes on sales
  • No taxes on capital gains or dividends
  • Quick access to the growth of the Chinese economy
  • Tax Benefits in Hong Kong

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